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Welcome to the Georgia Public Safety Educators Association (GPSEA) website. The GPSEA is a a non-profit 501(C) 3 organization.

The Mission
of the
Georgia Public Safety Educator's Association
is to
Save Lives, Protect Property
Promote an Injury Free Lifestyle
to the
Citizens of Georgia
Prevention Education.

A Growing Trend!

Over the last several years a growing trend has been occurring in public safety education for the fire service.  We no longer are teaching fire safety education alone.  Life safety education has also become an integral part of our job and responsibilities.  We are the same folks working to reduce fire deaths in the State of Georgia, but are also working to reduce all preventable injuries and deaths in the state.  Great things are happening with the Georgia Public Safety Educator's Association now and we need your help! We need to understand the needs of the state and your department.  If you cannot attend the meetings, e-mail, or fax your ideas to one of the association officers.  We are all working for the good of the citizens of Georgia! 
Thank you !